URBN MVMT is your chance to move through the city in a new way, interact, and question everything you thought you knew about the place you call home.  Through MVMT, you get to see your city from a new perspective.  Maybe it's the train station you trek through daily, that park you run by every Thursday on your usual loop, or that alleyway between the office and favorite coffee shop you had no idea existed. URBN MVMT opens your eyes to connection. Connection with the untapped spaces and people around you. 

This MVMT will challenge, disrupt, and play with boundaries - the boundaries of the social norm to whip out your phone at the first moment of (not yet awkward) silence, the boundaries of the physical norm to run on a paved sidewalk since that's just what you're "supposed" to do. URBN MVMT gives you the space to break these boundaries and bring a fresh lens to those everyday experiences. 

The minute you challenge the norm, you see the city differently. You see a city built on people and experiences.  What makes the city light up isn't the skyline - it's the movement that happens between the streets.

URBN MVMT LOGO with BLK back.jpg